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Witch’s Familiar with ATTITUDE


I really thought I’d have this book to market by now.  Really.  But life happens, people get sick, priorities arise, and I’ve been busy!  This year is nearly over and I’m ever so glad — I’ve started a new job, bought a house, lost the job.  Got a new job (in another city, how convenient is that?) then Harold went in the hospital and was there for seven weeks.  Seven.

Consequently I’ve lost focus and not made the progress I expected.  Now it’s time for Christmas so I’m painting like crazy to try and get the 2013 calendars ready but I’m nearly done with that, so it’ll be back to Lena and Monique and all the Heks Island gang.  Big stuff happening!  I won’t spoil the surprise or lock myself into a box because these things change as the writing progresses — but WIND is shaping up to be way different from the EARTH story in lots of ways.   I can’t wait to see how it turns out!!

Anyway, as Lena matures and is initiated into her witchly duties she acquires (or is acquired BY?) her Familiar, an orphaned bobcat named Ponder.

the witch's familiar with ATTITUDE

the witch’s familiar with ATTITUDE


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